Employee Benefits

Employee welfare measures In addition to labor and health insurance and pension contributions as required by laws, the Company provides allowance for the following: travel expenses, year-end banquets, year-end bonuses, subsidies leaves for weddings, funerals, hospital stays, childbirths, group insurance, training and education, assistance in health management and emergency loans. Meanwhile, we have set up the Employee Benefits Committee to take care of employees. The Company pays attention to the health and safety of our employees and work environment. We arrange health check-ups for employees at a standard higher than required by the Labour Standards Act. We also offer on-the-job education programs regarding health and safety, such as health management, respiratory infection and fire prevention. We also incorporate modules such as first aid, emergency responses, and traffic safety, to enhance our employees’ awareness of occupational health and safety.


Employee education and training

The Company has established management procedures for employee education and training, to develop employees’ knowledge and skills, so they can perform their functions, increase work efficiency, to ensure work quality, and achieve The Company’s goal of sustainable operation and development. Other than education and training for new employees, to help new employees quickly merge into the organizational team. Managers and employees of each department, in responding to the operating condition of The Company, can request special program, sponsorship for company wide or department-wide, international or domestic training courses and seminars, to improve employees’ expertise and core competencies, and strengthen the channel for employees to receive complete training and advanced studies. In an efforts to cultivate talented resources for the society, power supply industry calls for continued efforts and investment in human resources cultivation. Those research & development talents have a hard time to be cultivated to accumulate their hands-on experiences. The Company is supposed to foster adequate and high-level research & development oriented candidate as the seed talents. So far the Company has participated in the research & development teams of the related department of electronics at universities through the practicum platforms to shoulder the responsibility to foster potential research & development environments toward a sustainable managerial system. Through inheritance of hands-on experiences, the Company virtually creates the sound ambiance to cultivate research & development talents from newcomer of the society.


Employee Development Programs

Provide two examples of employee development programs in company that have been developed to upgrade and improve employee skills. Provide a brief description of the business benefits for each program and, where possible, provide a quantitative measure of the positive impact that these programs have had on business (e.g. increase in employee engagement, productivity, cost reduction or revenue generation.