SunTrak Tru-sync sinewave Insta-changeover Solar Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller

The SunTrak Solar Inverter will utilise solar power to charge the battery when the grid is not available. With solar, battery, and main utility priority smart management, you can prioritise UPS’s energy source based on your preferences. Moreover, the intelligent MPPT charger is capable of shortening the charging hours.


  • 1 phase input, 1 phase output


  • Domestic, Superstores, and Malls
  • Farmhouses, hospitals, and air ports
  • Bus Terminals, Remote Locations
  • Water Treatment Plants,
  • Wireless repeaters, cellular BTS stations, etc.
Due to Continuous R&D and produts improvements, Spacifications and Images may be subject to change please ask to confirm before order