Environmental Protection

NECS  primary business is the production and sales of UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), Additionally, NECS  offers professional ODM design and manufacturing of power converters (also known as inverter), AVR (automatic voltage regulator) also called voltage stabilizers, PV inverter. That is to accept the customers’ projects, according to customers’ requirement, design or assembly products into the finished products, and then transport them to the designated areas of the customers. In the manufacturing of products, the use of batteries, transformers, plastic materials, steel cases and so on raw materials approximately accounted for 50% of the cost of total raw materials as well as green packaging materials (including corrugated paper, cardboard, cartons, paper pallets, wood etc., all are recyclable or reusable, no use of ozone depleting substances), all are recyclable, but the recycling behaviors are by the customers. Environmental Management Policy of NECS

  • Production operations and business facilities
  • Products and services
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Management of waste