Online UPS with solar charger

Solar Online UPS 1KVA-3KVA featuring a built-in MPPT solar charger and SBU (Solar, Battery, Utility) priority smart management. You can directly connect solar panels to the solar UPS. Utility power is not the only power source. The UPS will utilize solar power to charge the battery when the grid is not available. With SBU priority smart management you can prioritize UPS’s energy source based on your preferences.

Solar Online UPS using triple conversion topology to provide clean and stable power supply to your Equipment’s. In This topology the current Draw from line also clean with very low THD if UPS is running on Utility power . These UPS are 1 phase input and 1 phase output type, Optional Built in Isolation transformer may be provided if ordered. This UPS provide better output power with high performance and efficiency for critical applications. The unique Eco Mode Provide up to 99% efficiency.

Due to Continuous R&D and produts improvements, Spacifications and Images may be subject to change please ask to confirm before order