Static UPS / Inverter single phase

DSP Sine Wave Static Inverter/UPS (1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out)

Present days it is almost impossible to live without electricity,But is is true the electrical interruption or power outage, due to transmission issues, electrical installation and maintenance work on line, left us in left high and dry conditions. But solution is there ie. NECS Static Inverter / UPS provide you power backup for longer hours, protect your costly and dedicated equipment’s against intermittent power sags,surges and high and low voltage. NECS Static Inverter / UPS provide you pure sine wave clean & stable power even in power outage or line voltage hi and low conditions.

Salient Features

  • State of the Art MOSFET/IGBT Based PWM Technology.
  • 16Bit DSP based control algorithm.
  • Multiple stage isolated smart Charger with power factor correction.
  • Electronic change- over, can run computers and smart TV seamlessly.
  • Quit operation due to pure sine wave output
  • Very low Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
  • Fast Changeover ensuring Compatibility with Computers
  • TDR(Time Delay Relay), especially for AC compressor based applications*
  • Mains Mode Short Circuit Protection
  • Surge Load Capacity upto 300%
  • Bypass Switch in case of system failure
  • Compatibility with D.G Sets
  • These Static UPSs can be integrated with solar power to charge the batteries by using external solar charge controllers.


  • Major power Back up source in corporate offices as well as Call Centers
  • Computer & peripherals /office Equipment like, Scanners, Printers, Fax Machine etc.
  • Emergency & Mobile Power Systems
  • A.C and all Compressor Based Applications
  • Petrol/Diesel Dispensing(Filling) Machines
  • Thread Mills & other Health Equipment in Homes/Gyms
  • Water Pumps and similar Motor Based Applications

Product Range







10KVA 12KVA to 40KVA

Nominal Voltage

24VDC 36,48 VDC 36,48 VDC

48 VDC

48,96,120 VDC

96,120 VDC

180,192 VDC 192 VDC to 360V