Solar Hybrid Inverter (Off Grid Solar Inverter)

Solar Energy is a best free cleanest energy in the word. The sun light can be converted into electric energy by Solar Cells (Photovoltaic Cells.
NECS  Solar Hybrid Solar Inverters are  the most reliable and robust Inverters in the market. These Inverters has very fast changeover time so they serves the purpose of UPS that runs both on solar power and the utility (grid) power supply. NECS  Solar Hybrid Solar Inverters using state of art technology to churn maximum power from solar light and convert it into Ac power with maximum efficiency. Along with converting the solar power into Ac power it also Charge Batteries connected to Inverter. The user can choose many modes and parameters to serve the purpose of maximum power availability at minimum cost per unit of energy. The major features of NECS solar hybrid inverters are.

  • DSP Based Pure Sine Wave Inverter and Charger design.
  • PWM and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) based charging algorithm with Intelligent Charging.
  • Load Sharing both on solar and line if solar is not sufficient.
  • Simultaneously provide rated Output Power directly from Solar Panels (if Solar Power is available) along with charging of the batteries.
  • Intelligent battery charging from Solar and Mains by giving priority to Solar Power and only remain power consumes from Mains.
  • Output Load can be run on Solar Power, saving Grid Power and money.
  • And many more features are depends on model and power rating.