Online UPS 3/3 phase

NECS ONLINE UPS (3/3 phase)

NECS offers word class Online UPS in many configuration and capacity as per application

The 3 phase input and 3 phase output UPS some time called 3/3phase UPS. These UPS accept Three phase power supply in four wire configuration(Phase R,Y,B, Neutral, Earth), and  supply output power in  four wire configuration(Phase R,Y,B, Neutral, Earth).  The input voltage, Frequency, Input voltage range along with battery bank voltage depends on UPS capacity and models.We offer these UPS for wide application range starting from basic small data-center to medical facility,hospitals etc.

“The NECS Online UPS System is a true online sine wave UPS, that provide the clean power to your precise mission critical equipments, regardless of any disturbance on incoming AC power. The system offers many advance feature to give maximum reliability with flexibility of various configuration at the lower cost of electricity bills. With NECS Online UPS you have complete peace of mind.”

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