We have huge range of Power electronics PCB’s and Kits for OEM/ODM manufacturer. These PCB Kits are used latest state of the art DSP technology.


The main features are:-
  • DSP based multi-loop inverter and charger
  • Pure sine wave low THD output
  • Input power factor corrected IGBT rectifier/charger
  • Can be used up to 40 KVA and up-to 360volt dc
  • Dc voltage can be started from 96v dc to 360v dc
  • Output is fully synchronized with input between 47Hz to 53Hz using digital PLL
  • Output feedback is voltage and current controlled
  • Full featured LCD display with parameter tuning and control command available
  • Full featured SNMP and serial interface with isolated RS232 port can be used with upsilon and power manager
  • Full dynamic static bypass system can use relay and SCR
  • Input voltage cal.,output voltage set, charging voltage set, charging current set, can be done via LCD display
  • Battery test facility.
  • Eco mode facility online ups can be used as stand by ups to save energy
  • IGBT protection with multi-pulse blanking and De-saturation
  • 3phase in/1phase out or 1phase in/ 1phase out ups system can be made with same pcbinput 3 phase voltage can be measure on LCD by just a jumper selection.


The main features are:-
  • DSP controlled IGBT based inverter
  • Static transfer using SCR module
  • Changeover time inverter to main is zero
  • Changeover time main to inverter is less than 6 ms.
  • Output is synced before changeover
  • Capacity up-to 40 KVA can be made
  • Feature rich LCD show all parameters
  • DC voltage can be as low 48v and can be high up-to 360v
  • IGBT protection with multi-pulse blanking and De-saturation
  • Parameter tuning and testing via serial port
  • Can take huge inrush current suitable for pump and motor applications
  • Multiple stage charger enhance the battery life
  • Time based charge monitor function to protect overcharging if battery not good